Bring Out the Best in Your Space

Interior Design Services Include....

Residential & Commercial Design

Interior & Exterior Space  Planning 

Colorization & Paint Selection

Furniture  Selection 

Fabric & Upholstery Coordination 

Cabinetry & Case Goods

Window Treatments 

Bedding & Fabrication

Lighting Design   

Flooring, Tile, Stone & Carpeting

Kitchen & Bath Design

Wall  Coverings 

Hardware & Fixture Selection

Art,  Greenery & Accessory Selection

Patio & Exterior Design

Interior Redesign  & Staging


Feng Shui for Residential & Commercial Real Estate

Why not apply Feng  Shui principles when building, buying or selling your home or business?  

We employ Classical  Feng Shui design tools to help you select the right space, or build from the  ground up!  Specifications are custom-designed for the new owners, to ensure a  balanced & harmonious environment.  Feng Shui can also  enhance the energetic atmosphere of your business, and the bottom line is positive results!  Let us help you select  and design the perfect office location!   

As recently featured  on ABC News, Feng Shui can also be an irrefutable enhancement to help you sell your home.  Give us a call for more information on this service!

Classical Feng Shui Consultations Include...

A comprehensive evaluation of interior & exterior residence or business.

Layered energetic analysis of property, man-made & natural land forms, water & fire features and furniture placement.

Use of Classical Feng Shui formulas based on compass directions and associated formula calculations.

Interior recommendations based on Personal Element Analysis, Best Directions and how to maximize energetic potential.        

Energy Balancing using traditional water methods, Flying Star analysis and Eight Mansions analysis.  

Personalized  report of the assessment provided after an on-site or remote Consultation 

Complete Site Consultations are available, including recommendations for the best residential or business location, site selection, building direction, interior and exterior water, fire &  room placement, material selections and location recommendations. All Consultations are quoted on an individual basis  based on sq. footage, size and scope of project.