Feng Shui Design

Have you ever walked into a home or business and felt instantly comfortable?

 If so, chances are that  you have experienced good Feng Shui!   Virgin  Airlines, Coca Cola, the Bank of England and the United Nations embraced it.   Charles Schwab, Hilton Hotels and Wynn Resorts have used it to enhance their  prosperity.  Retail stores & restaurants like Bath and Body Works,  PF Chang's, and Ace Hardware employed ideas borrowed from this ancient art.    

But what, exactly, is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese art of placement that creates harmony, prosperity & balance.  

For over four thousand years, Feng  Shui consultants have balanced the relationship between nature and our dwelling  spaces. The relationship of elements in Feng Shui creates balance and  positive energy in our lives and in our environment.  Add Feng Shui to make your home the space you love.

Feng Shui hits Mainstream Media!

After 4000 years of history, Feng Shui is a hot topic!  If it piques your interest,  just let us know and we'll provide more details.

"Chase Manhattan's Bank in Hong Kong floundered until a Feng Shui expert was consulted."  

"Hyatt Hotel in Singapore  prospered only after alterations were made by a Feng Shui  Master."  

Evelyn  Lip, Author