Meet Our Design Experts

Marianne combines her understanding of cutting edge design with the ancient art of Classical Feng Shui.

She utilizes this 4,000 year-old  Chinese design tradition to bring balance & positive energy to her clients.    

Marianne is an Interior Designer & Classical Feng Shui Master trained in Energy Balancing & advanced Classical Feng Shui systems.  

She is a faculty member of the American Institute of Interior Design, and is available for speaking engagements, workshops, design projects & consultations.

What Tatiana likes most about Interior Design is how subtle changes can bring significant results to a design.

Her objective is to enhance the function & aesthetics of a space so that it truly reflects the client's personality & lifestyle.  

Tatiana combines Interior Design with a special emphasis on Lighting Design technologies.  She uses her Lighting expertise to define the space, allow its unique features to really shine.  

 Tatiana teaches Lighting Design at the American Institute of Interior Design.

Kristy brings experience in Interior Design & Feng Shui to her clients, along with her success as a Realtor.

 Kristy received her Classical Feng Shui Master certification from The American College of Classical Feng Shui through Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai. She is  trained in Energy Balancing & all  aspects of advanced Classical Feng Shui techniques.  Kristy is also an Interior  Designer and graduate of the American Institute of Interior Design.  

Her business philosophy is based on honesty & integrity. 

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